Intro to Genealogy

March 17, 2011

My name is Carolyn DeCaprio and I love family history.  Honestly, I don’t care whose family history it is.  I just love the challenge.  There is something magical about the day that you discover a ship’s log that details the migration of your family member to America from the old country in spite of the fact that they spelled his or her name in some crazy way. And, nothing beats the thrill of finding the piece of evidence that proves your great, great, great grandma’s maiden name was Schmidt instead of Smith.

I recently have been having all kinds of breakthroughs in my personal family history.  I found a log that shows where my Great Grandmother Antonia Vaccaro Gargione came to America from a little town in Italy called Perdifumo in 1905!  And, I found it in spite of the fact that they were calling her Maria Antonia, her brother’s names were listed as Raffaele and Pasquale instead of Ralph and Charles, and there weren’t nearly as many children as I suspected there might be.

And, on the same day, I found out that the Vaccaro’s have actually been in this country nearly a decade longer than anyone suspected, and I found a record where my Great Grandfather came to this country with his father in 1899 and it listed his father as a civilian of the United States already!

Additionally, my uncle has been on the same hunt and has reached out across the globe to possible family members.  And, can you believe it?!?!  I personally got to talk to two brother who are probably our cousins in Italy.  We are friends on facebook!

You just can’t beat it!  If you have a drug problem that you are looking to kick, I highly recommend genealogy hunting.  Although I’ve never done any drugs, I suspect that this is better.

Regardless, it’s a brave new world for genealogist with the internet containing many of the resources that amateur genealogists need to make a go of it.  And, this blog is dedicated to my fellow genealogist and to genealogy discussion.  I will be discussing my weekly triumphs and failures in my ongoing hunt for my roots.  I’m also hoping that as a forum for genealogists everywhere that people will free network.  In that way, you may just run into people who are looking for the same family histories that you are!


Carolyn Bennett DeCaprio: A member of the Corder, Bennett, Gargione, Dawson, Hardesty, and DeCaprio families.  (There are many more, of course.  But they are too numerous to list!)


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