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A “Holy Crap!” moment…

June 3, 2011

Dude!  I am having the best genealogy day ever!  My Aunt Becky (my grandfather’s sister) sent me a copy of the Bennett family genealogy and it is the awesomest thing ever.  Thank you Aunt Becky!  You rock!!!  Pardon my lack of grammar and spelling; I’m too excited to care!  The cover of the genealogy is a preface written by George Roy Bennett in 1964 regarding why he had become interested in genealogy and how he had used his mother’s and grandfather’s records to get it started.  I feel as though I have unearthed the arc of the covenant and actually trembled a little as I read the first words for fear that I might be undone.  It is truly a magical moment.  This man, George Roy Bennett, cousin to my great, great grandfather and to whom I have given only the most cursory of glances as I have done my research, has unwittingly played a huge role in unraveling the secrets of my lineage.


So, three cheers for George Roy Bennett!  May I carry on his legacy in a manner that he might have admired and appreciated.